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Program Information

Daycare and Preschool (full time)

Monday- Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Our preschool program is guided by the Alberta Early Learning Curriculum Framework, based upon the Reggio Emilia Approach. This approach is regarded as an innovative approach to early childhood education that will ignite all students' sense of wonder. Our passion to learn and grow keeps us up to date on emerging and new early learning trends.


What your child will learn in preschool:

  • Creative expression (music, art, dramatic play, creative movement)

  • Science concepts

  • Early literacy skills

  • Early numeracy skills

  • Social development (relationships, cultural diversity, social responsibility, cooperative play, positive problem solving strategies)

  • Creative/ critical thinking skills

Above all we give a strong foundation to reach the potential of each child by providing them opportunity and lots of love.​

Mixed-aged grouping is a popular method that we utilize in our pre-school. This is where children are in a group consisting of many different ages. Rather than having a classroom of all three year olds, the children are combined with other children close, but not necessarily the same age. Most of these programs combine children within a 3-5 year age range. There is a lot of value in mixed-aged grouping.

It allows children to learn leadership skills, provides motivation for younger children, gives more opportunities for development, and promotes a sense of security


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