Before and After School care

5-8 Years (West Spring School, Grades 1-4)

The staff provides many centers with various group sizes. The activities within these centers will change depending on the theme and interests of the children, considering their developmental needs. The activities at the centers are as open-ended as possible in order to meet the individual children’s' interests and developmental needs. The staff will provide large blocks of time for play so the play can develop and expand. The staff plays with the children in order to expand the play and give kids the satisfaction of their activities through staff participation. The staff is also available to help the kids work out problems in their activities or with the other kindergartners. The staff builds on the interests of kids by taking them on field trips, bringing in people from the community, borrowing books from the library and creating activities that help to satisfy the their ' curiosity.

We provide an environment that encourages independence. The environment is a positive one, demonstrated through the cooperation of the staff with each other and with the children. The staff acknowledges the opinions of the children. Their artwork will be displayed in the rooms, which also serve to add brightness to the room. By establishing an environment that encourages independence, builds on the child's interest and offers variety, the preschoolers' self-esteem will be enhanced.

Social: kids will be provided with many opportunities to engage with their peers within various group sizes. They will be encouraged to express their views and opinions as well as hearing those of others. Staff will provide support and guidance as the children resolve their conflicts and solve problems with other children.

Intellectual: The staff will patiently and appropriately answer the questions which kindergartners ask. The kindergartners will be given many opportunities to experience the world outside the academy by attending field trips and by inviting community people to come to the academy. Two examples of field trip destinations are the Library and Community Parks. Other field trips are outlined in the program plan. The kindergartners will go on all field trips provided parental permissions have been given. Those children who do not have permission will stay behind at the academy with staff respecting child/staff ratios are being met. The field trips will help to give a greater understanding of the interests of the children and introduce new ideas to the children. The field trips will enable the children to explore their community environment directly. Group times will be a time for sharing ideas about their observations.

Physical: Scheduled times will be provided for gross motor activities outside and in the kindergartners' room. The kindergartners will be able to refine their abilities, test their limits and practice their skills so that their physical development needs are addressed. Fine motor experiences will be available as the children move through the centers. Some activities may include Lego®, puzzles and musical movements etc.

Emotional: Emotional expressions will be accepted by the staff without judgment. Staff will support the kindergartners as they problem-solve issues with other children so that the issue can be resolved positively. If choices are given by the staff, the choice will be respected. The environment will be set up to enhance independence and decision making. Appropriate expressions of emotions will be acknowledged.

Development Needs: kids will be provided open-ended activities that can be used in many different ways to be suitable for their development needs. The goal is to assist the development needs of children to ensure that they can explore their creativity. By providing these activities, the kids can explore and use the activities to meet their individual needs. The kids will be given large blocks of time in order to expand their play, therefore allowing creative expression to take place. The staff will not provide models for the kindergartners to follow. They will accept the kids’ unique expressions in all areas of play. The staff will support the preschoolers in their play. Where necessary, they will provide suggestions and props to expand the play but not direct. 



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